Monday, November 2, 2009

Cousins, Costumes,Candy, Cute!!!

This was the costume I bought last year on clearance. It was cute on the hanger, but much much cuter on Spencer!

My dad, brothers, and Justin went for their annual hunt...
so the girls and little boys got together for a late lunch and
pictures. It's so great to have cousins so close in age!

Lion, Tootsie Roll, Tin Man, and Yoda! My sis-in-law, Lynnell,
made her boys costumes. They turned out great! The theme was
Wizard of Oz...she was Dorthy. How fun!

Love it!

How cute is this toothy little grin!

Here is the backside of the lion costume. Even the tail is cute!

I thought this pic was so fun! He is even acting like a lion...Roar!!


Dan and Emalee said...

They are so cute!!!!!!! That is so cool that she made those! Thanks for all you help! Have fun on your girl vacation.

Holly said...

So fun! I left a message on Justin's facebook that he should get a job with his cousin here in Powell and then I could spoil you all since most of my family has left me! or will soon. :)

Giles Fam said...

Oh my gosh! Those costumes are seriously too cute! And I love that Spencer was a tootsie roll. ADORABLE!!

The Cook Clan said...

Oh my goodness, those are great costumes!