Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little about a lot

Spencer is just so darn cute! This is after his haircut. His hair was really starting to get long again and he needed a haircut before Jenn's wedding.

Spencer and Daddy. The two cutest boys in the world!

Here is our house! This pic is for Kim. You guys have more snow than us I think. But it sure is cold here. We've had 40 below twice this winter. Ugh!

Spencer is such a great eater. But he loves our "grown up" food much better than his pureed food in a jar.

We got to go to Jackson Hole a couple weeks ago for some training and it was beautiful. We got to see lots of elk, big horn sheep, deer, moose, coyote. It was a great trip. We also stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool and Spencer had a BLAST! Ever since the pool, he splashes a whole lot more during bath time.

He loves the bath. I think he looks forward to splashing and playing with his bath toys! Justin asked me to throw him a wash cloth and this is where it stuck. Too funny!

Just hangin' out while I tried to get some pics. He doesn't sit still very often.

Here is Spencer and Daddy! Spencer loves his Dad and they have lots of fun together!

I finally got a chance to go to Justin's grandparents' lodge. He has so many great memories there and we got to make some more this year while celebrating 2010! So much fun! Spencer loves Grandma.

It was so good to see Uncle David and his family! He and Spencer got along really well.

Happy Valentines Day!! Justin sent me beautiful roses and chocolates. Yum! So great! The roses are still looking and smelling beautiful!

We got to come home last weekend for Justin's sister's wedding. My parents watched Spencer and Spencer loved being able to spend lots of time with them. We got to see most of the cousins, aunts, and uncles and it was great. Spencer didn't get much sleep on Sunday, but it was worth it to see his cousins.

Coy is growing up so fast and we can't believe he is already 1 year old! What a cute smile!

Here is the bride's bouquet. So pretty!

Spencer looking handsome in his red and brown. Those were the colors for the wedding.

The Happy Couple!

Justin and Crew! Justin is a great Uncle and it's easy because we have the best nieces and nephews!

Me and Niesh at the temple. She's so cute!

This first video is the day Spencer didn't get much sleep. Cade was making him laugh. His laugh is great!

And this second video is Spencer clapping and just being cute. We have the best kid!


Brianne said...

What a cutie! Seriously! I LOVED that video of Spencer getting Cade. So adorable! I wish that we didn't live so far away from you guys! I miss you tons and when I heard you laughing on the video it reminded me of the good ole days...college and before when we used to laugh about 99.9% of the time we were together! Love your guts!

The Cook Clan said...

Cute cute cute! Kelli, he looks so much like you!

Cori said...

Oh Spensey you are such a handsome little man! I cannot wait to squeeze all your chubby baby rolls when you come visit me in a few months. Audrey will not be able to keep her hands off you!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh- he's getting so big- and So CUTE!!! We miss you little spence!... so much!