Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

Hanging out at mom's house. The boys!

Wearing Grandpa's hat.
Next time Grandpa promised to take Spencer on the riding lawn mower. Lucky!

It's such a great time to go into the park! Not a lot of traffic and lots of animals to see. This is a grizzly bear Justin spotted.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Hanging out in Gardiner, just outside of the park, eating sandwiches in the back of the truck. We think everything, well most everything about Spencer is cute. And eating sandwiches is one of them. It just makes us smile.

Lots of elk and this poor fella only had one antler.

Unfortunately, our battery on our camera was dead the second time we went through because we saw some great stuff. All I was hoping for that day was to see some wolves and we did! About 20 yards was so awesome! We saw 1 black bear, 2 grizzly's, lots of elk, buffalo (their babies are SO cute), big horned sheep, antelope, deer, and a coyote! So great! We LOVE Yellowstone!

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