Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheetos are delicious!

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and Justin kept asking me what I wanted to do. Well, I really didn't know what I wanted to do, but he wanted to go camping so that's what we did (well mostly). We went to this great little place near our house called Wade Lake and Cliff Lake. Two lakes right next to each other and they were beautiful. We took a hike, drove around, had a camp fire and had tin foil dinners and smores and then drove home to sleep in my bed. It was great!
We saw this little rock chuck peeking at us from his hole on our hike.

Spencer stopped to smell the flowers

Dad helping Spencer walk on this huge log

Justin's shoulders make a good seat. We really need a hiking backpack.

Mom and Spencer

Wade Lake

Our friends in our ward gave Spencer this bike and he LOVES it!

I got this picture a couple weeks ago. This little fox is in our backyard.

Our friends Dan and Emalee came to visit us and we went into Yellowstone! Such a great day! This is Yellowstone Lake!

We got super close to a grizzly bear. He crossed the road right in front of us.

Lower Falls

A scruffily looking wolf. Dan and Justin got really close.

Earlier this spring we went for a drive in the park. This grizzly bear (we have seen 12 this year) was hanging out near the fields and rock before you get to Madison Junction. He was walking pretty fast, so we only got to watch him for a while...or so we thought.

As you can tell it was getting pretty late.

We went into Madison Campground to see if we could find him. But we had just missed him according to other people. So we thought we would just get on with our drive. We turned on Fire Hole Drive and about a 1/4 mile in the grizzly ran right in front of our car. So we took some snap shots. They aren't great because it was so dark, but you get the idea.

He just sat there and watched us as we watched him. But the coolest part for me was when he stood up on the pole and started scratching his back. Too cool!

Here's a huge Buffalo. They are everywhere.

Daddy snuggling Spencer to keep him warm while we waited for Old Faithful.
Little coyote.

So a couple months ago I hear Justin start laughing. We had all just crawled out of bed, so I came to see what was so funny! Well Daddy left his late night snack out and Spencer enjoyed every second. At first he thought he was in trouble and offered a peace offering. But we just let him finish off the bag. He loved it! Great breakfast!

Well, so far we are really enjoying our summer. We are both working hard and Spencer is loving all his buddies and outdoor time at daycare. We have had lots of friends stay with us and we have loved having all of them. And hope to get more family and friends up this way.


Drew and Michelle said...

oh wow! So fun to be able to live so close to such beautiful wildlife & nature. Awesome you've had so many Bear sightings.
We were so glad we got to see you last week... little Spencer is absolutely adorable!

Brianne said...

That is cRaZy all of the bears! I LOVE that pic of Spencer at the end with Cheetos all over his face! Priceless!

The SaSSeR's said...

I KNow we want to come and visit soon!! you will have to tell Justing that Steve and dana will be at Yellowstone for about a week at the end of June!