Friday, April 24, 2009

Cousins, Graduation, and our little guy!

Here is Spencer just hangin out in his Easter outfit with the
blanket that Grandma Jo crocheted for him

Cousins just hangin' out. Spencer has lots of boy cousins his same age.
Here are Tate and Zack on either side of Spencer.

My handsome husband graduated! He hasn't gotten used
to no homework yet. I'm sure that won't last long.
We are so happy and we've been doing some CELEBRATEing!

It seems like Spencer gets bigger every day. He just
has the bluest eyes and cutest face. We sure love this little guy!

And here he is hangin' out with daddy. I love the
position of his hands. Sooo chill. Our little man.

We have been busy and really tired. It has been hard to function, but
life goes on. We have all been sick this week and it is just awful to hear
Spencer cough and wheeze. Hopefully it all passes soon. I can't wait for
summer to come. We are getting small glimpses of sunshine and I'm excited
for a nice change. Well, the weekend is here so we'll try to embrace it!


Holly said...

Congrats to Justin! At first I thought Spencer was a mimi Justin but I can see you in him too!

Eric, Cori and Q said...

Sick, I had no idea. Do you need anything?

YEAH for Justin. Man he looks good with a grad-hat on and a hottie wife by his side, not to mention the cutie little Spence!

Melissa said...

Yay! Congrats to all of you on Justin's graduation. That is so great! Please get better soon. We need to get over there to meet that little guy.

Kim said...

he is too yummy- i can't wait to mug on him when i get there. i'm sick too- it stinks! Congrats justin-yea!!!

Michelle Joy said...

I can't believe he's already over a month old... he's soo tiny! The last pic where he's all kicked back and relaxed while sleeping is so adorable! I hope you are doing well too... I know each week makes a big difference. He's so cute you guys! Congrats on Graduation Justin!

The Cook Clan said...

Cute pictures! Congrats Justin!

Andrea :) said...

CONGRATS on your sweet little Spencer! He is so cute! Congrats to Justin to on graduating! We can't wait to meet Spencer! :)