Friday, May 1, 2009

Spencer has really been growing and it is bittersweet. I love that he is more active, but he is growing up too fast. He loves when we just talk to him. He is more interested in his toys and he has been smiling a ton. It just melts my heart. He really has the cutest smile!

He also has the longest eyelashes.

Justin and I actually had a morning together (sorta uninterrupted) so we made one of our favorite breakfasts... German Pancakes... YUM!!!

I really think he is so precious when he gets into that deep sleep. I told my dad that I thought Spencer looked like an angel and he said, "that's because he is an angel". How cute is that!

He is a tough little guy! He is really good at holding his head up and getting better at sitting up. I've been surprised how strong he is. Now I know why it hurt so bad when he was kicking while I was pregnant. He gets so stiff sometimes and is unbendable. He rolled over at just 2 weeks while I had him on his tummy. Crazy!

Here is Justin and Cade (our nephew). He really loves his Uncle Justin and Justin loves him. All our nieces and nephews love Justin because he loves to play with them. They even get horsey back rides sometimes!

We got pictures taken of Spencer (soon to come) and some family pix too. And since we got all dressed up nice, we took some pix with our handsome son!

Here is Spencer with his cousin Kenzie! My parents think she looks a lot like me when I was a little girl. I think it's the dark hair and freckles!

This is Tate, Zack, and Spencer. Zack was born in December and Spencer is only 9 days older than Tate. These are the cousins on Justin's side.

And on my side of the family he has 3 more his age, but only 2 live close. This is Eli (born in Nov), Coy (born in Feb) and Spencer (in March)! Lincoln was born in August and he lives in Philadelphia, but will be here to visit this summer! Yahoo! I'm glad he will have so many close cousins, and all BOYS! How lucky is he?!

This is Coy and Spencer hangin' out after Coy's baby blessing. What a precious boy! Coy is wearing the blessing outfit that my brother (his dad) wore when he was blessed. How neat is that!

And last but not least, here is Spencer showing off how big he is. Well actually, I wanted to show him off. He is just so sweet and makes the cutest noises too. Enjoy!


The Cook Clan said...

I love all of the pictures! That one of him sleeping is priceless! Hey I just saw your pics on Michelle Heaps site. So freakin' cute!

Kim said...

You need to stop him from growing- He's getting big already! Just until July!

Brianne said...

Oh Kelli! He is so adorable! I LOVE that video. They do grow up so fast. I can't believe that Alexa is 7 1/2 months old and Makayla will be 3 next week. Snuggle him tons...because time somehow goes too fast. You look so pretty in that picture of you and Spencer. I miss you cuz! What a lucky boy Spencer is to have so many boy cousins close in age. Love you guys!

Holly said...

It was good to see you yesterday, even though it was quick! Spencer is such a cutie!

~The Dippold's said...

How exciting!! He is so adorable. What a fun new adventure!! :)

Little Farmer Family said...

Congratulations guys!!! He is so precious!!! I found your blog through Drew and Michelle. Now we can stay in touch!

~The Dippold's said...

Congrats!! Spencer is so adorable!! What an exciting time!! :)