Thursday, December 2, 2010

Portland in September

We had been excited about this trip all year long. Justin's sister got married in Hawaii last year(eloped) so they had a wedding celebration on the Oregon Coast at this wonderful private island. It was nothing short of wonderful! We enjoyed every second! And can't wait to go back that way soon!

Our drive was a long one! We split it up and stayed in Spokane, WA on the way there and back. We got to Portland on day 2 and went to a cool museum, OMSI. We went to dinner that night with Jason and Diana at the Spaghetti Factory. My first time there! The next day we woke up and all met together to get on the bus to go to our Wedding Celebration destination (2 hr drive). We spent a couple days there and then got back on the bus and headed back to Portland. We stayed the night in Portland. The next day we had some car troubles, but still got to go to the Portland Zoo and the Rose Garden! (those pics will be in the next blog) And then we headed back home. It was one of the best trips we have ever had! Thanks Cass and Bill!

Here is Spencer lookin' so big.

Spencer and Zack! They played so cute!

Camp Westwind

Spencer running in the sand

sea enemies and star fish

Justin loved poking at the sea enemies. They were too sticky gooey for me. But still cool!

clam...several hundred!

The beach from our hike! Spencer took a nap for the perfect amount of time.

Our hike was so beautiful. The scenery in Portland is so amazing and different. We loved it!

These are the cute cabins we stayed in!

This arch was so picturesque and right close were the tide pools with all the sea creatures!

Watch where you step because you might step on a jellyfish!

We went to the Bonneville Dam, a fish hatchery. They had salmon and steelhead. The salmon were so much fun to watch all piled up together and then one would get brave and JUMP! It was so cool that we watched them for about 30 mins!

Justin and Spencer in awe!

This was at OMSI! It was such a cool museum! They had activities that could last you all day, but we were there for only an hour or two. Spencer had a blast in the child area. So did Justin!

Spencer got to sport this cool waterproof apron and splash like crazy with the other kids!

This pic was taken on our way to Portland, along the Colombia River Gorge. So beautiful!

We hung out to watch these guys for a while. They were wind surfing! I really want to try that someday! From further away they look like bugs on water. They were getting some speed too! I gotta get me one!

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