Thursday, December 2, 2010

Portland part 2

On our way home from Portalnd, about an hour and a half away from home, we got to see 3 moose off the hiway!

Spencer did pretty good on the drive and thank goodness for the DVD player and Disney movies.

He has always been very flexible (I think it is because he was stuck like this is my belly for a while...I didn't have much room). He's pretty entertaining!

About an hour from Portalnd is Multnomah Falls. It is so amazing and comes out of nowhere. Great place to stop!

We hit the Rose Garden (free of charge) in Portland. Justin wasn't excited about it until we got there! I think the fine for picking a rose was $500! They are just to look at and to SMELL! It was amazing how beautiful each variety of rose was and how different each one smelled. I wish we could have stayed for much longer. It was a dream!

We went to the Portland Zoo! It was Spencer's favorite thing we did on our trip. He didn't whine or complain until we left. He was loving the animals and would just sit and watch them. He was amused and very entertained! What a great ZOO!

The Zoo did several shows throughout the day. The worst...wait...the coolest show was the bird show. We were on the front row and these HUGE birds (bald eagle, turkey vulture, owl, and hawk) would fly to posts and onto the stage. Their wings were literally inches from my head.



Holly said...

Looks like a fun time! Spencer is so cute! And of course you and Justin look great!

Lindsey said...

So fun! I am really jealous of that rose garden. I would love that. Spencer is just so stinkin cute and getting so big! What are you guys doing for Christmas?

Natalie and Aaron said...

Oh my, looks like so much fun! Love your pictures. What an amazing trip! We've been to Multnomah falls & the rose gardens too. love them! Where exactly was that beautiful hike & beach in portland? We are planning an oregon coast trip this summer & would love to stop there. Spencer is such a doll. We need to get together again. Nathan is old enough now that they would play well together :) Please call when you're in IF!!!