Sunday, March 13, 2011

January 2011

January came in with a bang. We have had so much snow in West Yellowstone this winter. Justin got stuck in Rexburg one day when the highway closed, due to weather. So he got Spencer a sled. It's been a love/hate relationship. He loves riding, but doesn't like the snow spraying in his face. His face is the only thing that is warm and the snow just sticks to it so well.

Daddy also bought him a shotgun. It makes a really cool noise and lights up.

My parents came to visit us in January and we had a blast. We went the Bear and Wolf Discovery Center. They hide food for the bears and then they have to find it. The grizzly's were huge!

Spencer thought it was pretty cool!

Spencer and Grandma Julie

There was a birds of prey presentation which was really cool and educational. I sat in the very back, but not to worry, the birds are hooked to a cord so they cannot fly away.

Here was the only active wolf. The rest of the wolves were sleeping. It was a very warm day that day...40 degrees! No really...that is warm for W. Yellowstone. The next week it was -40 degrees.

Justin and Kelli's Snowmobile Adventure in Yellowstone National Park

So we got to take a tour into Yellowstone! It was such a cool experience and so beautiful. It was very cold, but it was a great sunny day!

Here is Justin strutting his stuff. He is a snowmobile guide in the park this winter. He loves it and is totally in his element!

Here I am on my snowmobile. This was my first time ever on a snowmobile and I loved it. Let's just say that I'm a natural!

Some beautiful scenery

Cow elk in the river

Old Faithful
The park ranger told us that when it went off we might get "blessed" by Old Faithful. YUP! We totally got sprayed!

I was very nervous that morning before we got into the park about the buffalo. The first couple buffalo we came in contact with, were a little feisty, so it only added to my anxiety. My big plan was to ride away really fast if anything happened. But there is a procedure for everything in the park, and this is where I was totally uncomfortable. On our way out of the park, we came up on a big herd of buffalo, and procedure is to pull to the side of the road, turn off your sled and get off your snowmobile and stand behind it. So I only have the snowmobile between me and a huge herd of buffalo. NOT COMFORTABLE!
But nothing happened. Justin took the pictures because I was too scared.

Here we are in front of Firehole Falls! It was so beautiful. It is beautiful all year round!

All in all it was a great day and we had a wonderful time riding in the park. We look forward to doing it again!


Idaho State University said...

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun in W. Yellowstone even though there is lots of snow and it's really cold! I have been to Firehole Falls once I think for mutual and it was so fun.

Melissa said...

So cool! Next year Curtis and I should go with you. I thought you'd be used to the buffalo since you have them breathing on your window now and again. :)