Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter and Animals

We were in Bozeman, MT in the end of February. We had to do some shopping and other things in town. We drove by a little park by the college campus and spotted some ducks. So we got a loaf of bread and went to feed those hungry ducks. There were only a few. haha:)

We also took the longer route that day through Ennis. And we got some great animal shots with our new camera!
Here is a golden eagle (taken right outside of Bozeman)

Tons of elk winter in the mountains near Ennis.

A couple whitetails that were hiding on the hills really well! But as you can see we still spotted them.

There are also plenty of sheep by Quake Lake! This guy was just walking down the road!

And our nice winter scenery. We're pretty sure we are going to have snow until June.

And then we saw this beautiful bald eagle hanging out in the tree, watching for fish in the river below. So much fun to see all these animals.

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Kim said...

Looks cold- I think you need to come see me again! When's Justins next hunting trip? ... or Justin... bag hunting... why don't you come along too! love you guys!