Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Terrible Two's

Spencer turned 2 years old on March 14th! He was so excited for his birthday and talked a lot about a birthday cupcake and a birthday pancake. He was overjoyed when he got both. We woke up that morning and unfortunately he had a high temperature. So we gave him some medicine and he was feeling great so we went along with our plans for his Birthday. First we went to a cute little restaurant in town, Running Bear Cafe, to get him a Mickey Mouse Birthday pancake! They were closing for the season and we barely made it in time! He loved getting sang to, but was still shocked and shy about it.

The whole staff came out to sing to him, as they did last year, and he was just a little overwhelmed.
But he really didn't waste any time getting into it! This boy has an appetite.

After breakfast we took off to Bozeman. On our way there we saw this big ol' elk right off the highway. Spencer just loves to see all the different wild life. He likes to pretend shoot at the buffalo, elk, and deer.
Our plans were to do a little shopping (we always have to run some errands when we get to civilization). And then we wanted to go and feed the ducks, go to the hotsprings/swimming pool, and have a nice dinner. But Spencer got really sick. He had a high temperature again and was coughing really bad. So sadly we had to take him to the doctor in Bozeman. I didn't know this is what "The Terrible Two's" meant. Being so sick on your birthday. Poor kid! He had an ear infection and a high temperature. So after some medicine and picking up an antibiotic, we skipped some of our plans and headed to dinner. He didn't want to eat much, but LOVED the corn on the cob.
And then we sang to him again and let him have his "Birthday Cupcake".

And even though he was sick and didn't feel good, he was still a happy boy! He is such a great kid! We love him so much! We sang Happy Birthday to him several times throughout the day and he just beamed. So cute!
He ended up being sick for about 2 weeks and had enough of doctors by the time it was all said and done. But he is doing great now. He got this cute little birthday crown at day care. He wore it for like 3 days straight until it broke. We love this BOY!

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