Saturday, April 16, 2011

March Expo 2011

March Expo 2011 was great!
This was the first time they closed off Canyon Ave to these crazy bikers! They did some really cool stunts and to end it all they blew out a tire (and tore up the road).

Dan and Darryl came up and it's always fun to see and visit with them. Spencer just loves his Uncle Dan!

Later that night they had snowmobile races and tricks at the Aerial Show. It was cold, but very entertaining and fun! There were tons of people there. We also got to see X Games gold medalist Dane Ferguson attempt and land a new world record of 104-foot snowmobile ramp backflip. It was awesome and so were all the other stunts and flips all the guys were doing. Check out this video to enjoy the things that we got to see! ENJOY!!!

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